Digital rundebord Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? - Gesprächsrunde

Thu, 16.09.2021

18:00 - 19:30

Within the scope of the project "Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? Mapping the Weather in Arts and Science" the Goethe-Institute promotes interdisciplinary research on how weather and climate change are experienced and how we communicate about them. For this reason, the Goethe-Institute Norway organises a digital expert discussion with the author and curator Jens Hauser and the artist and researcher Laura Beloff. The conversation will revolve around Hauser's concept of "non-human microperformativity", which points out the interconnectedness of biosystems and the impact of the smallest organisms on the biggest entities. The exchange will be enriched by Laura Beloff's field studies, including her art projects. Examples from art and other ecological field studies will underline the talk. As an introduction, the Goethe-Institute Norway will show the TED talk "How trees talk to each other" by the US-American ecologist Suzanne Simard. She has been studying the complex symbiotic networks in the forests of Canada for 30 years and speaks about an amazing discovery in her lecture: Trees often talk to one another over long distances and they even lead a complex social life. After the conversation there will be space for questions from the audience. The event will be recorded.

The guests:

Jens Hauser © Jens Hauser Jens Hauser, PhD, is a Paris and Copenhagen-based media scholar, writer and curator who focuses on the interactions between art and technology at the intersection of art history and epistemology. He is an Associate Researcher at the Medical Museion of the University of Copenhagen after holding a double postdoctoral research position in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. He teaches at numerous universities and art academies around the world and is a respected faculty member at the Michigan State University, where he directs the BRIDGE Artist-in-Residency programme and coordinates the (OU)VERT Network for Greenness Studies. His most recent curated exhibitions, performances and media art festivals include WETWARE (LA, 2016), Devenir Immobile (Nantes, 2018), {un][split} (Munich, 2018), MATTER/S matter/s (Lansing, 2018), UN/GREEN (Riga, 2019), OU \ / ERT (Bourges, 2019) and Holobiont. Life is Other (Bregenz, 2021).

Laura Beloff ©Laura Beloff Laura Beloff, PhD, is an internationally acclaimed artist and a researcher in the cross section of art, science and technology. Additionally, to research papers and book chapters, the outcome of her artistic research is in a form of experimental art projects, which deal with the encounters of the technological and biological matter. The research engages with the areas such as human enhancement, biosemiotics, biological matter, artificial life, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information technology in affiliation with art, humans, environment and society. Previously she has been a Professor at the Art Academy in Oslo 2002-2006, a visiting Professor at The University of Applied Arts in Vienna 2009-2011. She has been a recipient of a prestigious 5-year artist grant from the Finnish State 2007-2011. From 2012 until 2019 she was Associate Professor, Head of Section 2012-2016 and Head of PhD School 2017-2019 at the IT-University in Copenhagen. Currently, she is Associate Professor and Head of ViCCA-program in Aalto University, Finland.