European Angst
Béatrice Delvaux

Béatrice Delvaux © Le Soir

is the chief commentator on Le Soir. The Belgian, born in 1960 in Namur, has worked at the Brussels-based daily newspaper since 1984. She was head of the business desk for many years before being appointed editor-in-chief from 2001 to 2011. Several days after the bomb attacks in Brussels on 22 March, she published an emotionally charged text in the form of a letter in which she apologized to her son and daughter for promising that they could look forward to a safe future.

“The European Union is not in the position to meet the current challenges and to defend its own democratic structure which is increasingly resembling the UN – an observer of genocides condemned to eternal powerlessness, as the case of Syria again shows. European democracy is no longer in danger, it is already in a state of collapse. Do we want to continue standing on the side lines?” Delvaux, 7 October 2016