European Angst
Paul Scheffer

Paul Scheffer Photo: Peter-Andreas Hassiepen

is a sociologist, journalist and member of the social democratic “Partij van de Arbeid” (PvdA). The Dutchman, born in 1954, has dealt with various aspects of immigration for years. His article Das multikulturelle Drama (the multicultural drama) published in the NRC Handelsblad in 2000, caused great controversy in the Netherlands. His book Die Eingewanderten. Toleranz in einer grenzenlosen Welt (2007) is regarded as a standard reference work on the issues of immigration and integration. Scheffer lectures at the University of Tilburg at the institute for European Studies.

“The more openly problems are discussed, the more peaceful societies will be. This concerns both sides – the majority who disadvantage minorities and members of minorities who isolate themselves owing to their prejudices. Arguing out these conflicts is not a sign of failed integration, but of a vibrant society.” Scheffer in an interview with SZ, 31 January 2016