European Angst
Beppe Severgnini

Beppe Severgnini Photo: Daniela Zedda

The journalist and author Beppe Severgnini, born in 1956, knows Italy and his compatriots inside out which he has proven not least in his bestseller La Bella Figura. As a columnist, including for the Corriere della Sera, he does not spare his native country criticism. With a sharp eye, he has commentated on the changes in Italy and Europe as an author in Time magazine, the Financial Times and the Economist where he has also worked as a correspondent. In 2004, Severgnini was voted European Journalist of the Year in Brussels, and Queen Elisabeth II made him an Officer of the British Empire.

Europe’s narrative is controlled by its foes — and there are many, as we know. Bashing Europe is every politician’s pastime. A dangerous one, though.

Severgnini, October 2016