Mohammad Ghannam

I was born in Damascus, though my family is of Palestinian descent. For a year now, I have been based in France, working with MSF as an audio-visual Officer. I live in Paris but I always visit refugee’s camps in France, Italy, Greece, Bangladesh and Uganda.

Before joining MSF, I was a journalist for the New York Times and National Public Radio. I have also worked for UNHCR. I am a firm believer and defender of human rights and freedom of expression. I spent over a year in a Syrian regime jail for delivering aid to besieged areas and for being a citizen journalist. I had to leave my country for neighboring Lebanon and ultimately became a refugee in France, though I was doing nothing wrong. In part, it is because of my experience that I feel real empathy for the asylum seekers I meet. I wish everyone in our world, not just a lucky few, had the right to be protected from the world's injustices.