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Sternchen (Ruby O. Fee) and Dani (Merlin Rose)© Rommel Film / Pandora Film / Photo: Peter Hartwig

Goethe on Demand

On Goethe on Demand, the streaming platform of the Goethe-Institut, we present a variety of online film programs, film festivals and film series that can be streamed from home. More information about the alternating film series can be found here. The films are presented in original language with subtitles. They are accessible online and free of charge after registration.

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Current film series

Happy Birthday

Goethe on Demand
Happy Birthday!

Auch 2022 stehen zahlreiche runde Geburtstage von berühmten Filmschaffenden an. Der 80. Geburtstag von Werner Herzog wird sicherlich ein gebührendes Medienecho finden. Wir möchten jedoch über die großen Namen hinaus auch andere Filmschaffende feiern – jung und alt, vor und hinter der Kamera. Und wie besser als mit einem Film aus dem jeweiligen Œuvre? In unserem neuen Geburtstagskalender werden wir im monatlichen Rhythmus jeweils ein ausgewähltes Geburtstagskind (Filmemacher*innen, Drehbuchautor*innen, Schauspieler*innen, Kameraleute, Editor*innen) mit passender Filmempfehlung würdigen. Für jeweils einen Monat wird einer ihrer Filme über Goethe-on-Demand zur Verfügung stehen.

Filmstill Blindfold Photo (detail): © Taras Dron

Goethe on Demand
Contemporary filmmaking from Ukraine

In addition to the unimaginable personal suffering, the war is also perceived as a step backwards for Europe and the world in politics, civil society and culture. We would like to present films by Ukrainian filmmakers on our streaming platform Goethe on Demand over the coming weeks, to support local cultural creators and explore Ukrainian culture together. Discover a selection of award-winning films that have been recently screened at international film festivals.

Octavias Visions - Caio Soares Octavia’s Visions © Caio Soares

Cinematic Perspectives On Germany

With its focus on the filmmaking of directors of colour in Germany, the film series Fiktionsbescheinigung deals with a chapter of German film history that is still too little known. It poses questions like: who is able to enter German cultural history, cinemas and the film canon and who is left outside?  The series thus offers a basis for discussion so that unequal allocation of roles, exclusion and discrimination in front of and behind the camera, at festivals, in archival and canonisation processes and in the distribution and reception of films in Germany can be properly talked about.

Some of the presented films here were already shown during events of the Goethe-Institut Brussels in 2021, e.g. the film series PERSPEKTIVEN and the project UNCIVIL SOCIETY.