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Film archive

The Goethe-Institute film catalogue comprises over 600 culturally relevant feature and documentary films available for research and loan. 


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Beleuchteter, festlicher, vertäfelter Filmvorführraum Copyright: Maren Willkomm, Goethe-Institut
The Brussels Film Archive contains around 600 films on DVD (or Bluray), which we make available free of charge to film clubs, film festivals and cultural institutions throughout Belgium for non-commercial screenings. The condition is that the Goethe-Institut is named as a partner.

The films are in the original German version with English, French and German subtitles.

We also offer the following services:
  • Information and advice 
  • Suggestions for special film series


Marlena von Wedel
Kulturprogramm / Filmarchiv
Tel. +32 2 5858542