Uncivil society - artist talks

NSU / Kurbanların arasında Almanlar da vardı © Yücel Kursun

Thu, 08.04.2021



with Tuğsal Moğul (D) and Pia Maria Roll,Hanan Benammar,Sara Baban

Our first discussion will be about approaches to right-wing violence in the performing arts. For his play Die NSU-Morde: Auch Deutsche unter den Opfern (The NSU Murders: Some of the Victims Were Germans), director Tuğsal Moğul researched the subject-matter in depth, drawing on factual material and testimony, police reports and statements by officials about the NSU murders and right-wing violence. His play is a re-enactment not only of the murders, but also of the ensuing police investigations, most of which actually targeted the victims' relatives and initially ruled out neo-Nazi motives. In 2018, Moğul was invited by the Goethe-Institut to stage his play in Turkish in Istanbul.

The Norwegian-based directors and artists Pia Maria Roll, Hanan Benammar, Sara Baban and Marius von der Fehr also carried out in-depth research for Ways of Seeing. Making use of various documentary forms, the play explores right-wing networks in Norway and the rise of right-wing populist movements elsewhere in Europe as well as aspects of neo-colonialism, structural racism and international politics. After its performance, the play was vilified by right-wing populist groups and became a subject of political debate in Norway as well as a case in point of how art can directly exert political influence.

Tuğsal Moğul, Pia Maria Roll, Hanan Benammar and Sara Baban will share the results of their investigations and their different approaches during the evening’s discussion. They will also be talking about effective strategies for coming to grips with neo-Nazi violence.

The featured artists:

Tuğsal Moğul was born in 1969 in Neubeckum, Westphalia. A trained German-Turkish actor, director, anaesthetist and emergency doctor, he studied medicine for nine years at the universities of Hanover, Vienna and Lübeck whilst studying drama at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. So, alongside his part-time job as a doctor at a teaching hospital in Münster, Moğul writes and direct plays. In 2017/2018 and again in 2019, he was invited by the German Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut to stay at the Tarabya Cultural Academy in Istanbul for several months as an artist in residence.

Pia Maria Roll is a Norwegian theatre director, actress, playwright and activist. Her work is known for being politically polemical. Roll has been associated with the Black Box Theatre in Oslo since 2007. Sara Baban is a performing artist and singer. She has worked as an actress with Riksteatret and on various other projects. Hanan Benammar is an Algerian-French artist based in Oslo. Her conceptual works on geopolitical, environmental and social issues involve music, sound and video installation, performance, sculpture and public art.

Matthias Dell is a freelance film, media and theatre critic for Deutschlandradio, Zeit-Online, Cargo, epd Film, Spiegel.de and FAS. His published books to date are “Herrlich inkorrekt”. Die Thiel-Boerne-Tatorte (2012), Über Thomas Heise (2014), Duisburg Düsterburg. Werner Ruzicka im Gespräch (2018).