Film + talk Orphea

Orphea © Alexander Kluge

Thu, 30.09.2021

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


and artist talk with Alexander Kluge (online)

An evening centred on the legendary German author and filmmaker Alexander Kluge. Kluge was originally employed as a lawyer, working with Theodor Adorno. He is one of the founders of the ‘Neuer Deutscher Film’, a movement that did not shirk confrontation with Germany’s past. His work pokes fun at both the current balance of power and great historical figures. With a highly diverse palette of visual material - documentary and fictional, historical and current - non-linear narratives and scenes that sometimes stop abruptly, Kluge aims to inspire active rather than passive viewers.
Alexander Kluge, now 89 years old, will enter into a digital conversation from Germany with the Bozar audience. The discussion about his work will be followed by a screening of Orphea, Kluge’s most recent film and a collaboration with the Filipino filmmaker Khavn. Orphea is a 21st-century interpretation of the famous Greek Orpheus myth, with both the protagonist and his lover Eurydice being assigned a different gender in the film. Nothing in this Orphea is secure, everything here is rhythm. The film has left ancient tragedy with its fixed plot behind and substitutes it with faith in the force of the imagination, the power of music and the capacity for love that underlies all cinema.
Only for a short time: As a special offer, the film Orphea can then be watched free of charge from home for 30 days from 30 September via streaming on the Goethe-on-Demand platform.