Bot Bop Bozar

Sat, 04.12.2021

7:00 PM - 11:30 PM


In the framework of the Opening Halaqat Festival, we invite you to the Halaqat Impro Session at Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts.

What happens when you bring together five artists with a wide range of musical and cultural backgrounds? The Halaqat Impro Session will be the culmination of an intense exchange between musicians who met for the first time just five days earlier. They were selected following an open call to bring together musicians from Europe and the Arab world who are making jazz and electronic music. In the days before the session, they will be improvising, experimenting, and exchanging ideas at Werkplaats Walter, the ultimate venue for experimental and avant-garde music.

Belgian music-lovers will already be familiar with these two participants: Mattias De Craene (Nordmann, MCI(III)) and Soet Kempeneer. Now is the ideal moment to discover the other four highly talented and promising musicians from the Middle East: Yara Asmar, Amin Dhouibi and Elyse Tabet.

The Halaqat Impro Session is part of the 4th Stream Festival. Programme:
19:00 - Halaqat Impro Session
20:30 - KRANKk
22:00 - Guillaume Vierset

Soet Kempeneer: double-bass
Soet Kempeneer, Mattias De Craene, Mohamed Amine Dhouibi, Yara Asmar, Elyse Tabet: electronics
Mattias De Craene: saxophone
Mohamed Amine Dhouibi: guitar
Elyse Tabet: bass

The Halaqat Music Residency is organised together with Werkplaats Walter and the Amman Jazz Festival. 

The European project Halaqat is implemented by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels. Halaqat is co-funded by the European Commission (under the designation: EU-LAS CULTURE), the Goethe-Institut and Bozar.