Concert Open jam

Halaqat second music residency © Jean-Francois Carreau, © Shalan Alhamwy, © Alexia Webster – OneBeat Sahara

Tue, 24.05.2022

8:30 PM

Werkplaats Walter

From left to right: Ahmed Elhefny, Najah Tannous, Soroush Kamalian, Eren Akşahin, Alex Simu, Khaled Yassine, Sarra Douik, Tammam Alramadan,

Halaqat - Exploring cultural links between Europe and the Arab world

Seven musicians selected for the second Halaqat music residency will experiment and co-create during five days at Werkplaats Walter, the pre-eminent place for experimental and avant-garde music. Musicians are invited to join them at the Open Jam Session focusing on ethnic and folk music. 

What happens when you put together an international band with musicians from seven different European and Arab countries? They were selected from more than 100 aplications through a call to bring together musicians from Europe and the Arab world. 

We put the task of guiding this top talent into the hands of Khaled Yassine. Yassine is a percussionist from Beirut who has performed with greats such as Al Dimeola, Anouar Brahem, Erik Trufaz, Bojan Z,... and many others.  He has also gained experience with international dance & flamenco productions.

Tammam Mohamad Alramadan: ney
Eren Aksahin: baglama
Sarra Douik: oud, vocals
Soroush Kamalian: kamancheh, percussion, piano
Alex Simu: clarinet, saxophone
Ahmed Elhefny: electric bass
Najah Nicolas Tannous: qanun
Khaled Yassine: percussion

The Open Jam Session will be followed by a public concert on 25 May at Bozar: The second Halaqat Impro Session is the final chord of an intense exchange between musicians who met only five days before.

The European project Halaqat is implemented by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels. Halaqat is co-funded by the European Commission (under the designation: EU-LAS CULTURE), the Goethe-Institut and Bozar.