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Laeïla Adjovi

© Goethe-Institut


Laeila Adjovi © Goethe-Institut Franco-Beninese, Laeïla Adjovi grew up in several African countries. At 20, during an internship in New Delhi in an Indian NGO, she took her first steps in photography. She then learned about the techniques of analog photography and the laboratory.

In 2006, a graduate in political science and journalism in her pocket, she worked in the press in Paris, then in the Pacific, in New Caledonia. Follower of documentary or reportage photography that would create a link between social strata, between cultures and between worlds, she also develops an artistic approach that combines painting, drawing and manipulation in the dark room.

Always between two media, she returned to the continent in 2010 to work as a radio journalist for the BBC in Senegal. Reporter, photographer, author and artist-researcher, she lives and works in Dakar.