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Adoveti © Goethe-Institut Real name ADOTEVI-AKUE Adokoé, Adotévi was born in Aného. He did his primary studies in Lomé until obtaining his CEPS in 1994. In the second class in the year 2000, he had a particular taste for art drawings, but that did not prevent him from to obtain his baccalaureate series D, five years later. Since the architectural profession (his dream) was unknown throughout the Togolese territory, the graphic design fan could only stick to a training in plastic art. After a year, the artist became a Painter-Draftsman before continuing his graduate studies in Biology two years later at the University of Lomé. Being a diamond among the cereals, Adotévi left the campus very early to devote himself entirely to art. In 2006, He started to publish his illustrations in the magazine '' The educator '' before joining the publishing house and communication '' AGO Media '' in 2009 as author-illustrator-graphic designer where the addict of graphics sees his career taken off. The artist had to participate in several festivals, training courses and workshops, among others, "La Bande Dessinée pour enfants" in 2008 at the CCF in Lomé with the French comic artist Sophie DIEUAIDE, "La Bande Dessinée pour adults" in 2009 with the writer and Beninese scriptwriter Florent COUAO-ZOTTI,… Training on '' Publishing, publishing digital books '' very recently in June 2017 co-organized by the Goethe-Institut Togo and the Institut Français du Togo with the support of Franco-German Cultural Fund and many others. His record is full of distinctions such as the prize for the drawing and poster competition initiated by the FAO (1996), the prize for the national drawing competition organized by SADOAC (2001) to name a few. Creator of "AKONGO", one of the superheroes of the AGO Media team, he also collaborated in the publication of the magazines Ago fiction and Ago feuilleton. In 2013, he illustrated “From Togoland to independent Togo” in Chroniques de Lomé, in 2015 “Shango” in African myths and legends. In October 2015, he also illustrated in ’’ Nocturnes desirable ’’, a collection of poems written by the Franco-Togolese poet and surgeon Juvénal Thiare ABITA, published by Claire Lorrain in France; in 2018 in If Togo was drawn to me ... As a professional illustrator-comic artist, Adotévi continues to make readers of Togolese newspapers and magazines smile including "Tingo-Tingo", "" Pilotine "", "" Focus Infos '', Africans with the magazine '' Grand Mag Afrique '' and all over the world. Currently, he is part of the very rigorous team of the Togolese bimonthly news ’’ Sika’a Magazine ’where Adotévi is talked about with his humorous comics.