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Eric Kabre

Idea development

The majority of social problems (ethnic conflicts, arbitrary justice, land disputes, etc.) arise and develop on grounds made conducive to this, by a culture exacerbated by prejudices and received ideas. Some of the facts which give rise to them do not undergo any analysis which could, moreover, make it possible to establish their foundation or veracity.

A phenomenon which makes the bed with a duo of plagues which appear today, like the principal and worst poisons of our companies. Let us quote:

Error and manipulation.

Imagine an investigative journalism service, to go against such facts of society. He will, by his somewhat detached character, as a seeker of truth, at least have the merit of highlighting a more adequate method of considering problems. In so doing, it would also help to shed light on the forms of passionate approaches, the pitfalls and shortcomings, which are very often the prerogative of bias, and which contribute to aggravate situations.

All these elements taken together, allow us to envisage a realistic work of fiction, which I see best in graphics; in this case, in a Comic book album, to match my skills and give more strength to the subject. Work through which heroes (without being superheroes), investigative journalists therefore, are confronted with social cases, according to a given theme, specific to the album. They will have to work along about thirty pages, to elucidate the situation, detecting the error or the manipulation which supports it, following a model path of quest for truth.

The proposal (Synopsis)

In a town located a hundred kilometers from Ouagadougou, tension has developed since; Yéro a little breeder of the region threatens death Sana a farmer, also of the region.
They were heard by the police, and the facts are simple;

Yéro has, in plain sight, lost some of his oxen; He accuses Sana of having poisoned the poor animals of which we do not know what to do with their carcasses, and of planning also, thus to execute the rest of his herd. The cellphone ; Sana is said to be taking revenge and protecting her future crops; the previous ones having been partially and accidentally destroyed by some of its oxen. In her defense, Sana replies that he hardly feels concerned by the delusions of a mentally ill person; but that he could protect himself well if necessary.

In short, an ethnic conflict is looming, since they form clans around the belligerents, while the Commissioner and his men are overwhelmed. Their approach, perceived as being essentially repressive, is extremely harsh. They decide to appeal to the press to help them understand the problem, or at least to take the matter to more competent authorities to resolve it. Our heroes are therefore embarked on the case on their way to the scene.

They must at all costs find and prove the truth, to save a perilous situation.

© Goethe-Institut


Eric Kabre © Goethe-Institut Having been immersed in graphic novels from an early age, Éric Kabré had no idea of the place that these formidable toys would take in his future life.

They never really left him, and they found a loophole when he left university, when he was asked to work with the press. His position as a freelancer and illustrator rekindled his passion for storytelling and graphics. His various productions attract the attention of both the public and the private sector and multiply his interventions on both sides.

While he worked with authors for private publishers whose works he illustrated, the public administration found in him the right combination of skills for a training mission. He will find the opportunity and the necessary tools to propose his own works, in a process of questioning social practices.

His current status as an author and multidisciplinary artist, mainly focused on children's literature, has given rise to works such as "Zoma", a comic strip denouncing the impact of gold mining on the education system, and "Poko & Raogo", an educational series for young children.