Online-Diskussion Bojana Kunst und Boyan Manchev

Art & Politics Bojana Kunst und Bojan Manchev © Maria Nablatanova

Sa, 21.11.2020

14:00 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr


Kunst & Politik

Dieser Beitrag ist leider auf Deutsch momentan nicht verfügbar. 

Two lectures and a conversation between Bojana Kunst and Boyan Manchev

In the framework of the “Art & Politics” discoursive program, parallel to the exhibition “Art and Politics – Confrontations and Co-existence” 

Saturday, November 21st 
2.00-3.30 pm
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Language: English

-> Art, Politics and Care – a lecture by Bojana Kunst 
-> Melancholy and Obsession. The Revolution and its Double – a lecture by Boyan Manchev
-> Conversation between Bojana Kunst and Boyan Manchev 

Bojana Kunst

I will elaborate on the notion of care with the help of feminist discussions on the notion of reproduction and several feminist works, which already some decades ago explored the problematic consequences of the capitalization on the different organization of life. I will try to show how feminist approach also changes the ways art is related to care and problematizes its inclination to repair and do good to all. The crisis of care it is also offering another way of understanding of how it is possible to come together, touch the forum among us, through which we will be also affected in a different, not reversible way.

Boyan Manchev

In the aftermath of the failed Revolution, hordes of revengeful disillusioned ghosts are roaming around the streets. They are also invading galleries and theatre halls: they immigrate back to the shelter of “bourgeois cultural institutions". This is the melancholic drive of the revolutionary art. What about the obsessed ones, those who, possessed by exuberant phantasies, do not want to surrender, and continue instead to wander under the influence of the ardent star?

My allegory implies a preliminary typology of radical arts’ practices in face of the failure of radical political projects. I will focus on one striking example of what I would describe as melancholic reduction, and confront it with examples of obsessive radical artistic practices, persisting in the last decades. This short lecture will not aim to provide an answer to the radical question: Is radical art still possible? It will tackle instead the conditions of its possibility, the current transformations of its politics of use and of the production of its surplus value. It will imagine a new effectivity of the affective forms of art.


About the lecturers 

Bojana Kunst is a philosopher, dramaturg and performance theoretician. She works as a professor at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Justus Liebig University Giessen, where she is leading an international master program Choreography and Performance. She worked as a researcher at the University of Ljubljana and University of Antwerp (till 2009), and later as a guest professor at the University of Hamburg (2009 – 2012). She lectured and organized seminars, workshops and laboratories in different academic institutions, theaters, artistic organizations across Europe, and working continuously with the independent artistic initiatives, artists, groups and activists. Her research interest is contemporary performance and dance, arts theory and philosophy of contemporary art. Her last book is Artist at Work, Proximity of Art and Capitalism, Zero Books, Winchester, London, 2015.

Boyan Manchev (Sofia, 1970) is a philosopher and writer, proposing the perspective of a new ontology of existence or modal ontology, and dynamic materialism. He is Professor of Philosophy at the New Bulgarian University (since 2001) and Guest Professor at the University of the Arts, Berlin and Hollins University. He is also former Director of Program and Vice-President of the International College of Philosophy in Paris (2004-2010). He is the author of fifteen books, among which Freedom in spite of Everything. Surcritique and Modal Ontology (forthcoming, 2020), The New Athanor. Prolegomena to Philosophical Fantastic (2020), The Logic of the Political (2012), L’altération du monde (Lignes, 2009), La Métamorphose et l’instant – Désorganisation de la vie (La Phocide, 2009), The Body-Metamorphosis (2007), The Unimaginable (2003). 
Manchev contributed as author, theorist, dramaturge, actor or curator to visual arts, theatre, cinema and contemporary dance projects. The search for new possibilities of philosophical, aesthetic and political experience has been central to his work in the past twenty-five years.