Tatewaki Nio
Echos des Südatlantiks

Tatewaki Nio Tatewaki Nio


Tatewaki Nio is a photographer based in São Paulo. He graduated in sociology from Sophia University (Tokyo) and studied in Bachelor Course in Photography in SENAC (Sao Paulo).
In 2017 he was awarded ZUM Photography Grant from Instituto Moreira Salles (Sao Paulo) and in 2016, The Photography Residencies from Quai Branly Museum (Paris).

The recent group expositions he participated were Local Space, Transnational Connections ( CCA Lagos, Lagos, 2018); 20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil (SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, 2017-2018); São Paulo: Three Visual Essays (IMS Paulista, São Paulo, 2017-2018);  International Festival of Photography of Belo Horizonte (City Park of Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte, 2017); and Confluências – PhotoEspaña 17 (Casa de América, Madri, 2017).

Tatewaki Nio presents a cut out of four photos from an on-going project entitled “As Pegadas dos Retornados” (“The Footsteps of the Returnees”) produced in Republic of Benin and Nigeria. In it, the artist invests a look at constructions such as mosques, housing units, commercial buildings in the Yorubaland, with the influence of architectural style which was brought by ex-enslaved returnees from Brazil.