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Five journalists cover the conference “Echoes of the South Atlantic – On the Future of the Southern Transatlantic Relations”, which will take place from 23rd to 25th of April 2018 at Goethe-Institut Salvador. They will report about the talks of the keynote speakers, the discussions and results of the panels and labs. The blog will continuously be updated during the conference.

Culture and Art

Discussions and Projects




Impressions of the event

  • Lilia Schwarcz © Taylla de Paula
    Lilia Schwarcz shows in her keynote "An Afro-Atlantic history" Afro-Atlantic history has created languages in common and visual forms that have also traveled in the slave ships.
  • Audience in the theatre at Goethe-Institut Salvador © Taylla de Paula
    The audience in Salvador war very interested in the keynote of Lilia Schwarcz.
  • Bonaventure Ndikung at the conference "Echoes of the South Atlantic" © Taylla de Paula
    Bonaventure Ndikung puts a spotlight on a forgotten forerunner of Sound art, an imperative figure in what one might call an Afrosonic art practice, and reflects on and disseminate El-Dabh’s aural epistemologies in his keynote "It is Dark and Damp On the Front - Treading the Sonic Path of Halim El-Dabh"
  • Theatre at Goethe-Institut Sao Paulo during the conference "Echoes of the South Atlantic" © Taylla de Paula
    The keynote talks of Lilia Schwarcz, Bonaventure Ndikung and Nanette Snoep were held at Goethe-Instiut Salvador on the 23rd of April 2018.
  • Nanette Snoep © Taylla de Paula
    Nanette Snoep suggests in her kenote "From the Cabinet of Curiosities to a Cabinet of Curios Histories" the Museum not just as a place of “Con-Ser-Vation” of objects and cultures but rather a place of “Con-Ver-Sation”.
  • Performance of Jota Mombaça at Goethe-Institut Salvador © Taylla de Paula
    The performance “Us made a deal not to die,” ("A gente combinamos de não morrer”), inspired by the work of the same name of the writer Conceição Evaristo, brings to the surface debates that are dear to the performer: matters of race and sexuality, besides decolonial approaches.
  • Sarojini Lewis © Taylla de Paula
    The performance “Fernanda Romero: Searching for Madame Janette”Sarojini Lewis of puts in scene a story of loves, break ups, and abandonments.
  • Performance of Carol Baretto © Taylla de Paula
    Performance of Carol Baretto
  • Performance de Anita Ekman © Taylla de Paula
    "When we walk on earth, we are stepping on the body of a woman.” This phrase, present in a video that begins the performance “Tupi-Valongo-Cemitério dos Pretos Novos e Velhos Índios” (Tupi-Valongo-Cemitery of the New Blacks And Old Indians”), by Anita Ekman, offers clues in the artistic-cultural approach of the paulista

More about the conference

Echos des Südatlantiks Logo Interationel

Echoes of the South Atlantic

Read more about the Conference, that takes place from 23rd to 25th April in Salvador da Bahia.



Over 60 people from South America, Africa and Europe take part of the conference.


Carla Bittencourt © Carla Bittencourt Born and raised in Salvador, Carla is a freelance journalist and writes about culture and childhood.

Cadu Oliveira © Cadu Oliveira Cadu Oliveira is a journalist and video editor at the laboratory of the Faculty of Communication of the federal University of Bahia.

Luis Fernando Lisboa © Luis Fernando Lisboa Luis Fernando Lisboa is bahian, journalist and master in culture and society (UFBA). 

Tari Ngangura ©Tari Ngangura Tari Ngangura is a Vice Contributor and freelance photographer from Harare, Zimbabwe. Her work focuses on the intersections between race, gender, politics and pop culture. You can keep in touch with her work on twitter @FungaiSJ.

Iara Crepaldi © Iara Crepaldi Born in São Paulo, journalist Iara Crepaldi has moved to Salvador to research the islands of Bahia. She writes about art, culture, people and cities. She has also lived in London and Paris.