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​The next steps

Echoes of the South Atlantic
© Taylla de Paula

Echoes of the South Atlantic will reverberate, at least, until 2020, according to Julian Fuchs, responsible for the cultural programming at the Goethe-Institut of São Paulo and South America.

“We would like to create a project of financing to support and accompany what was thought and initiated in the Conference, as well as other projects that can be suggested by the participants,” comments Fuchs.

The plans include still another intermediary reunion in 2019, and a final meeting in 2020, which can be realized in Senegal, during the Dakar Biennial. The idea is that these projects spin around themes that came up in the South Atlantic discussion and that give continuity to these matters. This must happen through special funds from Germany and other countries, which will be triggered by the Goethe Institute. This way, other presented projects will be submitted to an external jury. The selected proposals can last a year or two, since the initiative goes on until 2020. 

“The conference was made to test the waters and the relevance of the theme of the South Atlantic. We are now sure that this is a very relevant subject matter. The process made emerge many debates and discussions that need to be continued. They are subjects, topics, and interesting themes to be works. Until September, the specificities of the initiative will already be defined and the participants will be contacted, so that we may go forward,” affirms Fuchs.

by Iara Crepaldi