Detlef Diederichsen

Detlef Diederichsen HKW


Detlef Diederichsen had his first publications in the German music magazine “Sounds“ in  1976 and four years later release his first record as guitarist, singer and songwriter of the band “Die Zimmermänner”, which counts with a total as of 5 full-length albums, several EPs, singles, contributions to compilations etc.
After his debut as a musician he worked as a free-lancer for a number of publications till he became in 1985 the editor at the Hamburg city monthly „tango“, position he occupied for 4 years while also working as a musical producer. He later engaged as editor in several magazines and publications.  Since 1995 he work on several compilations at Universal Music, among others „A Trip To Brazil“ (various artists) and „Chico Total“ (Chico Buarque)
Since October 2006 Diederichsen is also the head of music and performing arts at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, there (among other things) responsible for the development of festivals like „Wassermusik“ and „Worldtronics“, the music program inside projects like “Überlebenskunst”, “Das Anthropozän-Projekt” and “100 Years of Now” as well as curating concert series like “HKW Royal”. Several publications as editor or co-editor for Haus der Kulturen der Welt such as “Das vermessene Paradies” (with Bernd Scherer, 2007), “Translating Hip-Hop” (with Susanne Stemmler and Johannes Ismail-Wendt, 2012), “Pop 16” (with Florian Sievers, 2017) and “Krieg singen” (with Holger Schulze, 2017).