Filomena do Espirito Santos Carvalho

Filomena Carvalho


Born in the Angolan capital, Luanda, gained a Bachelor´s degree in Architecture from the University Agostinho  Neto, in 1985. Afterwards, Filomena Carvalho embarked on a post-graduate course, on “Housing Policy, Design and Evaluation”, at University College London, England in 1989; in 1990, completed a post-graduated course on Appropriate Technology in the German Federal Republic, and in 1999 completed a post-graduate course in Construction, at the Instituto Superior Técnico -IST, Portugal.

In 2018, she completed a post-graduate course on Building Construction and Rehabilitation, at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.
She is currently a PhD student in Architecture at Instituto Superior Técnico-IST, Portugal. Carvalho participated in the self-construction programmes in Viana, supported by the German company Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft. CDG.

She worked with the Architects Vasco Vieira da Costa in studies and design office of the Faculty of engineering faculty- University of Agostinho Neto and with Arq.º Fernando Batalha in the preliminary study of the Master plan of tourism of Cabinda. Carvalho has worked for three decades in the company FIESA Architecture where she carries out a diverse range of professional activities from consultancy for public and private bodies to the execution of various projects and competitions, including urbanisations, residential developments, housing, schools, retail and offices, sports facilities, health centre, and other.

She was a member of the staff of Curricular Reform of the Course of Architecture at the University of Agostinho Neto.
She is the president of DOCOMOMO Angola's (Setting up committee). Member of association of Centre for Earth (Centro da Terra CdT) in Portugal.