Marie-Christine Gay

Marie Christine Gay


Born 1987 in Wiesbaden.
Began with Gorki, waited for Godot and eventually found Goethe.
Marie-Christine Gay started to work in drama education at the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin (2008-2009). As an academic, her main fields of research are 20th-century European theatre and French-German cultural relations. She is a former student of the École Normale Supérieure in France, where she obtained a Master's Degree in German Studies (2010). Her PhD thesis about "The French 'Theatre of the Absurd' in West Germany (1949-1989)" was completed in 2016 (Performing Arts, University Paris Nanterre / Cultural and Media Studies, University of Cologne). Since 02/2018 she works as a trainee at the head of the cultural department at the Goethe-Institut’s head office in Munich.
Her publications deal with post-war Germany ("Catharsis and Reeducation: German Resistance Against Nazism in German Post-war Theatre". In: La Création artistique en Allemagne occupée (1945-1949), Delatour France 2015), Samuel Beckett ("Samuel Beckett metteur en scène et réalisateur de films en Allemagne". In: Théâtre/Public n°206, 2012; "Samuel Beckett": Lexikon der deutsch-französischen Kulturbeziehungen, Gunter Narr, 2013) and Jean Genet ("The Poetic and Ribald Style of 'Gutter Orpheus' Jean Genet: Difficulties of German Translation and Reception". In: XXI. Congress of the ICLA, De Gruyter, to be published).