Mona Suhrbier

Mona Suhrbier quer Günzel


The German Anthropologist Mona Suhrbier is the curator for the Americas at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt/M. since 1990. She studied in Forrest Row (GB), Frankfurt and Marburg (Anthropology, Latin American languages and cultures, Hydrology and tropical agriculture). She is specialized in lowland South America and Afro-Brazil and was responsible for various exhibitions, catalogues and scientific publications. Her focus is on postcolonial anthropology, on contemporary art from Afro-Brazil and Amazonia as well as on the relationship between mythology and material culture. She did fieldwork in a Brazilian Guarani village and worked for many years with Brazilian artists. In 2008 she realized the production of two films about Candomblé in Salvador da Bahia for the Weltkulturen Museum. Her latest exhibition is “Entre Terra e Mar. Between Land and Sea. Transatlantic Art” with the artists Ayrson Heráclito (Salvador da Bahia) e Rigo 23 (Portugal e USA). She was a teacher at USP in São Paulo (USP), and at the universities in Marburg and Frankfurt.