Projects 2019/20

The project Echoes of the South Atlantic poses the question of the potential of the Southern Transatlantic relations and the future role of Europe, and sets out to explore possible answers through a multi-disciplinary, multi-spatial and multi-temporal approach. With the project fund, Goethe-Institut supports artistic projects that will be implemented in 2019 and 2020.




Bringing African intellectual theories to Colombian masses through Afrocolombian music and using popular culture to create an intellectual dialog between the South and the South.


I've seen your face before Oscar Murillo, Horizontal Dialogues 2018

I've seen your face before

“I've seen your face before” is a trans-disciplinary platform interested in how entangled histories can create spaces for learning with rather than about that which has been historically interrupted or not yet possible in the present. The project is open to collective strategies, discourses and practices that pave ways for debates (within and) beyond art and its institutions.


Lift-Projekt - The Roof by Requardt & Rosenberg, part of LIFT 2014 The Roof by Requardt & Rosenberg, part of LIFT 2014 © Paul Hampartsoumian

Lift-Projekt: NIGHT LIFT

NIGHT LIFT presents international Queer-Performances from Drag, Trans-Art, Visual Art, Live Art, Video Art, Alternative Cabaret and Theatre Artists. NIGHT LIFT is a reaction to the political climate in Brazil and other South Atlantic countries and questions common perceptions and taboos regarding gender politics, state oppression, racism, indigence, diasporic identity and postcolonial experience.


Listening to the Echoes of the South Atlantic Manthia Diawara, "La Pensée Archipélique", 2019

Listening to the Echoes of the South Atlantic

Listening to the Echoes of the South Atlantic is a two-part project comprised of a seminar and a multidisciplinary sound-based exhibition, both of which involve an active response to many of the questions set forth in the first Echoes conference. The project highlights the importance of thinking in Glissantian terms about the idea of echo-monde, understood as the world of things resonating with one another.


Radical Citizenship - The Showroom Summit Rebolución Bolivariana v2 TRICONTINENTAL

Radical Citizenship: The Showroom Summit - Elvira Dyangani Ose

Radical Citizenship. The Showroom Summit is a year-long transdisciplinary programme of exhibitions, performances, and workshops culminating in an international summit, engaging with socio-political, theoretical, and artistic processes for the reinvention of agency and self-governance within the given environment of our contemporary cities.


Rethinking the aesthetics of the colony Studio Musa M. Mattiuzzi: Hirosuke Kitamura - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - 2016

Rethinking the aesthetics of the colony

“Rethinking the Aesthetics of the Colony” will consist of two artistic residencies with closed sessions and public programs, and a final exhibition. The project will be organized and conduced by three Afro-Brazilian artists and researchers, who in their practices critically address aesthetical and ethical questions about the studies of philosophy and black performance. What arises from fugitive planning? What are the economic effects of displacement in contemporaneity? What can displacement unfold into black performance?


Sites of Extraction - Tea is served 'NDIDI DIKE'

Sites of Extraction: Tea is served - Ndidi Dike

This constellation (installation/exhibition) engages a multiplicity of mediums, olfactry sensability, and lens based media that will engender and create a dialogue on the effects of de colonisation, that references Africa's, Europe's and Brazil's past and present.


The Carnival Trilogy Carnaval da Vitoria_Luanda 1978

The Carnival Trilogy

António Ole is one of the most important Angolan artists, nevertheless, he became mostly known as a visual artist but his film works are rather unknown. One important film project has yet stayed unfinished since the early 1980s: his Carnival Trilogy. The first part of the trilogy covered the first carnival after independence in Angola (1977), the second is an unfinished documentary about the Mardi Gras Carnival in New Orleans, the third will be shot in the carnival in Bahia. This project will complete the trilogy and make these films accessible for a wider public. Team: António Ole, André Cunha, Nadine Siegert / iwalewabooks.
This is a coproduction with Iwalewahaus, University of Bayreuth.


Wombs of the Atlantic Rainforest Anita Ekman and Ana Mesquita. Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara, 2018

Wombs of the Atlantic Rainforest

"Wombs of the Atlantic Rainforest" puts into constellation prehistoric rock art, body paintings and the work lead by women researchers at the Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara, with the historical migration and narratives of Guarani people and their resilience within the Atlantic Rainforest along colonial-capitalism. It is a singular and implicated vision on art in South America that results in performances wich articulates territories, times and people, to emphasize the historical protagonist role of women in art and resistance, an initiative of Anita Ekman and Amilcar Packer in collaboration with practitioners such as Cristine Takuá, Sandra Benites, Carlos Papa, J. Freg Stokes.