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More information about Museum Conference

On September 2nd, 2018, the National Museum/UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro was the victim of a major fire. The museum was the most important of its kind in Latin America, with a collection of around 20 million objects - including artefacts from long-extinct indigenous groups and the last surviving records of their languages. Since the fire, the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut have supported the National Museum in its rescue work and in developing a concept for a new museum.  

On 2nd and 3rd June, 2022, the Goethe-Institut and the Museu Nacional/UFRJ, together with several museums and cultural institutions and with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, held the Museum Conference in Rio de Janeiro. The conference aimed in particular to develop concepts to prepare museums of Natural History and Ethnology for the future in difficult times. The central themes of the conference were "Museums in the tensions of society", "Collections and Archives" and "Sustainability".

Meetings between the experts took place at the Museu de Arte Rio (MAR).


Brasilia time - BRT, UTC -03:00

10:00 am (BRT)
(online at zoom and on site)

10:10 am (BRT) 
What the days will hold. Presentation on the Frame of the conference and thematic lines: 1. Museums in the context of society; 2. Collections and archives; and 3. Future of Museums, Sustainability.
(online and on site)

10:25 am (BRT)
World Café. Initial conversation to bring everyone together on the same page.
(online and on site. In order to increase engagement, we will host a World Café on site and another one online. Both groups would be invited for a conversation around the same questions and will come together at the end of the process)

11:55 pm (BRT)
Plenary - Conversation and convergence on what is needed at this time. Presentation from last groups with highlights on the important topics to be explored/shared.
(online and on site)

12:15 pm (BRT) 

1:45 pm (BRT)
Recap the morning

1:55 pm (BRT)
Knowledge Café - Results of the TANDEM partnerships between Museu Nacional/UFRJ and institutions in Germany will be presented and open for discussions among the conference participants.
(online and on site)

3:30 pm (BRT)
Coffee break

3:50 pm (BRT)
Knowledge Café - Results of the TANDEM partnerships between Museu Nacional/UFRJ and institutions in Germany will be presented and open for discussions among the conference participants.

5:25 pm (BRT)
Plenary - (25 min) Space to share the TANDEM workshops' outcomes.

5:50 pm (BRT)
Closure - (10 min) Wrap up of the day one of the Conference - Learnings and Takeaways.

7 pm (BRT) | Duration 90’
Cocktail at the invitation by the Vice Consul-General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Johannes Bloos and freedom for participants to mingle and connect.
(only on site)
10:00 am (BRT)
Welcome - Recap from previous day.
(online at zoom and on site)

10:30 am (BRT)
Closed Fishbowl - Sharing experiences and perspectives.
(online and on site)

What are the challenges and opportunities/trends on...
Future of Museums: "Museum Work in Asymmetrical Networks"

Starting the conversation in the inner circle:
- Elvira Espejo Ayca (Director, National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, La Paz)
- Pablo Lafuente (Artistic Co-Director, Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro)
- Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Director, Savvy Contemporary and designated Director, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin)
- Gitte Zschoch (Secretary General ifa, Stuttgart)

11:15 am (BRT)
Open Fishbowl - dialoguing with the previous presentations.
(online and on site)

12:30 pm (BRT)

2 pm (BRT)
Open Space.
(on site only)

Suggested guiding question: What conversation do you still need to have in order to get the most out of this conference? More about the method: www.openspaceworld.org

3:25 pm (BRT)
Coee Break.

3:45 pm (BRT)
Open conversations (participants arrive and leave conversations based on their interest). Conversations last while participants remain in the groups. Maximum time for this round of conversations is 45 min.

4:35 pm (BRT)
Plenary - Open Space (Harvest sharing). Space for people to share the fruits of their conversations and announce any action that they have decided to take.
(on site)

5:10 pm (BRT)
Plenary - Wrap up of the Conference - Learnings and Takeaways.
(on site)

5:30 pm (BRT)
Closure - Artistic Performance (TBC).
(on site)