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Ação Cultural O que você sonha para o Museu Nacional?

Cultural Action

We believe that learning can also happen from the exchange of experiences and ideas. That's why we want to hear from you. Since the fire in 2018, the National Museum/UFRJ has been working intensively to rebuild its facilities and collections with the help of several national and international institutions. The Goethe-Institut is one of them. Would you like to be part of this taskforce?

So, tell us: what are your dreams for the National Museum?

Share your inspirations in Instagram in the form of drawing, picture, collage, illustration, poetry. Use the hashtag #MeuMuseuNacional. Let's flood the social network with dreams for the future.

Your work can also be part of an exhibition we’ll be organizing on the fences that surround the National Museum, which is currently being rebuilt. We will also organize a virtual exhibition here at the Goethe-Institut’s website.

Read the regulation.

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