Vladimir Muhvich 20/08 - 12/10/2018

Vladimir Muhvich bio © © Vladimir Muhvich Vladimir Muhvich bio © Vladimir Muhvich
Vladimir Muhvich Meirelles (Uruguay - 1975) is a visual artist, curator, restorer, and a researcher on traditional and contemporary art.
This artist links his art and his professional career by means of strategies in the field of arts, -associated with research, cataloguing and preservation- applied as consumables for modeling his work from a conceptual and object-based perspective. Muhvich resorts to mathematical models as the tool to analyze and verify emerging aspects that enable the study of the various fields involved in human production. His practical work is meant to evince how social, political and cultural contexts influence the construction and validation of art productions. He inquires into the study of cultural objects and their context to generate technical, institutional, sensory, iconographic and conservation cartographies. His activity relates mainly to the creation and application of digital tools for studying and re-creating the field of arts.
Muhvich developed a software application called OPPAMEV with the purpose of modeling and classifying the field of arts to generate mappings of different means of expression and of the brain areas that they stimulate. His art production ranges from the traditional means of production to digital means, including the production of software, installation art, traditional and digital sculpting, animations, videos, engravings, and paintings.
The research work pursued by Muhvich, as well as his artistic production and his academic achievements, has been the object of different exhibitions, alongside presentations and papers published throughout Latin America and Europe. In his home country, he serves different State agencies working as curator and restorer of traditional and contemporary art pieces.