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Since 2016 Hugues Anhes works on an in-situ art project named #affichezvousproject (Show yourself up). By creating in-situ art installations as cultural bridges and to provide us with a reflection of who we are as human beings, he contributes to the creation of  a new collective consciousness.

A neighborhood, a city, a country: these are places where different identities cross each other on a daily basis. Now imagine several photographs of local people overlaid on a wall and then torn, revealing distinct faces as if they were one. This is the proposal of the Frenchman Hugues Anhes, who arrived in Salvador just over a week ago and will soon begin to circulate around the capital's neighborhoods to carry out the first phase of his project - an installation that proposes to go beyond our prejudices and invites us to seek a new perception of others and of ourselves.

The fact that Hugues is here is no coincidence: this was only possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Alliance Française Salvador and the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia, through the Goethe-Institut's Vila Sul Residency Program, which submitted the proposal for his coming to the Fund Culturel Franco-Allemand. Founded in January 2003, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty (Traité de l'Élysée), the fund that registers the cooperation between Germany and France after World War II allows both countries to encourage and support initiatives conducted by the two countries jointly in a third country, which results in the illustrious presence of the photographer in Brazil. #MostreSe!
Hugues Anhes grew up in Paris, Porte de la Chapelle, in a project building almost as old as he is. From the Beaux Arts de Paris to the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins, Hugues has worked as photographer into the worlds of music industry and advertising.

Hugues Anhes uses photography as a medium which allows his subjects to reveal themselves.  Through their eyes he touches souls in their intimacy to expose part in all of us which is universal.
Whenever he photographs, films, draws or writes, Hugues Anhes seeks to look at the world with an authentic, unblinking eye capable of representing both difference and indifference.
With its art project named "Affichez-Vous", which it was renamed "Mostre-se" in Brazil, Hugues Anhes gives a pretext for people who have never met, to change their point of view about themselves and the other.

The technique of Hugues Anhes consists of making portraits of different people then print them out and glue them on top of each other. He then scratches and changes these mixed superficial and revealing differences, making us reflect on what is the same and what is different. His installations build cultural bridges, provide us with a reflection on who we are as human beings and contribute to the creation of a new collective consciousness.

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#mostrese - Largo Dois de Julho

#mostrese Plataforma - subúrbio ferroviário

#mostrese - Largo do Campo Grande

#mostrese - Teatro Vila Velha e Passeio Público

#mostrese Presídio Feminino

Alliance Goethe Fonds 983© Edvaldo Oliveira