Hugues Anhés
OCT - DEC 2018

Hugues Anhés

Hugues Anhés bio © Nicolas Latouche
Hugues Anhes grew up in Paris, Porte de la Chapelle, in a project building almost as old as he is. From the Beaux Arts de Paris to the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins, Hugues has worked as photographer into the worlds of music industry and advertising.

Hugues Anhes uses photography as a medium which allows his subjects to reveal themselves.  Through their eyes he touches souls in their intimacy to expose part in all of us which is universal.

Since 2016 he works on an in-situ art project named #affichezvousproject (Show yourself up). By creating in-situ art installations as cultural bridges and to provide us with a reflection of who we are as human beings and contribute to creating  a new collective consciousness.
Recent in-situ exhibitions:

September 2018 in Lower Brule Indian Reservation in South Dakota, USA. He showed up the Lakota tribe heritage through contemporary portraits mixed up with old Native American leaders' portraits outside of the reservation by installing art pieces in the town of Chamberlain.
August/Sept. 2018 in Climax  festival, eco-mobilisation event for climate change in Bordeaux, France which brought together several personalities and foundations as Jane Goodall, Sea Shepherd, WWF.

Project Mostre-se

Goethe Alliance Fonds-Culturels © Edvaldo Oliveira