Iris Helena

Iris Helena bio © Nina Maia

Iris Helena is a multi-disciplinary artist with a degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Paraíba, an MA in Contemporary Poetics, and currently enrolled in a PhD program in Displacements and Spaciality in Contemporary Art at the University of Brasília. Born in João Pessoa (PB, Brazil) in 1987, she lives and works in Brasília (DF, Brazil).

Her research is characterized by the critical, philosophical, aesthetic, and poetic investigation of the urban landscape, taking a dialogic approach between the image of the city and the surfaces/supports chosen to materialize it. The precarious and ordinary supports are often taken from their everyday use and allow a (re)construction of memory linked to risk, instability, and, above all, the desire for erasure. Iris is also a member of the group of researcher artists VAGA-MUNDO: poéticas nômades, of the University of Brasília (CNPq). The group is engaged in residencies and expeditions thinking of geopoetics and poetics of the landscape.