Neo Muyanga
FEB - MAR 2019

Neo Muyanga title photo © Neo Muyanga

Born in Soweto, Neo Muyanga grew up singing in local traditional choirs and later moved to pursue studies in the Italian madrigal tradition in Trieste, Italy.
Currently, his research and performance interests include exploring the aesthetics in protest song across the global south. This is done with a particular focus on music theatre or opera as a political and marginal practice within the black community in South Africa.
Muyanga co-founded the acoustic soul duo, BLK Sonshine, with Masauko Chipembere in 1996, garnering a following throughout Southern Africa and other parts of the world with their chart-topping releases, “Born in a taxi” and “Building”.
He composes chamber operas, music plays and musical works for large and mixed ensemble, employing a syncretic aesthetic that simultaneously references the traditional song modes of Basotho and the Zulu, free jazz and western baroque music.
He and publisher/editor, Ntone Edjade, co-founded the Pan African Space Station - a live music platform and cyber-stream portal that hosts and showcases cutting edge music and art from the African continent and diaspora.

Neo Muyanga card EN © Juliana Rangel

Black Brecht

"What if Brecht were black?" This is the question underlying Eugênio Lima's show "Black Brecht". Soundtrack provided by South African composer Neo Muyanga.
Projeto Black Brecht © Juliana Rangel

Toca! + Afrocidade

Neo Muyanga plays with the band Afrocidade. Protest music sets the tone for the summer closing gig from TOCA!  Afrocidade + Neo Muyanga TOCA! © Juliana Rangel

  • Toca! Afrocidade 1 TOCA!
  • Toca! Afrocidade 2 TOCA!
  • Toca! Afrocidade 3 © Toca!
  • Toca! Afrocidade 4 © Toca!
  • Toca! Afrocidade 5 © Toca!
  • Toca! Afrocidade 6 © Toca!

Neo Muyanga with Afrocidade

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