Pauchi Sasaki
16/10 - 02/12/2017

Pauchi Sasaki

Pauchi Sasaki bio © Juan Pablo Aragon
Pauchi Sasaki ist als Stipendiatin des Goethe Instituts Lima Residentin in der Vila Sul.
Described by The Wire as an artist "unafraid of working within different disciplines and stylistic constraints", Pauchi Sasaki's interdisciplinary approach integrates musical composition with the design of multimedia performances, the application of new technologies and the development of self-designed instruments seeking the embodiment of electronic music performance.  As a composer, performer and improviser, her music recreates intimate subjective landscapes through electro-acoustic sonorities mixed with field recordings and synthesis, influenced by improvisational aesthetics and ethnic musical traditions.
An active film scorer, Pauchi Sasaki's effective scores are featured in more than 30 feature and short films.
Pauchi Sasaki holds a scholarship from the Goethe Institut Lima as a resident at Vila Sul.