Ruth Noack
29/01 - 26/03/2017

Ruth Noack

ruth_noack_737 © Ruth Noack
An internationally-acclaimed curator, Ruth Noack is best known for her curatorship of documenta 12 (2007) with Roger M.Buergel. But her practice as curator reaches back to the 1990, when she first proposed that exhibitions in themselves can be research tools and that the act of curating is a form of knowledge production that should be considered in its own right (Loci, 1992-4, Scenes of a Theory, 1995, Things We Don’t Understand (2000), Governmentality-series, 2000-2005).

Trained as artist and art historian, she embarked upon a teaching carreer from 2000 onwards, which cross-pollinated with her exhibition-making and writing, leading to a comprehensive interdisciplinary practice. She has taught both future academics and artists in film studies, art history and curatorial studies, has filled prestigious international professorships, has had experience with British higher education as Head of the Curating Contemporary Art Program at the Royal College of Art and has acted as Research Leader for the EU-project MeLa - European Museums in an age of migrations. Since 2015, she is responsible for one of the DAI Roaming Academy trajectories. The DAI, a internationally oriented, research-based MA program of art, critical and curatorial studies, has received excellency status by the Dutch education ministry.

Noack has published widely. Amongst her books are a monograph on Sanja Ivekovic (2013) and an editorship of Agency, Ambivalence, Analysis, approaching the Museum with Migration in Mind (2013).