Segundo Bercetche
ABR - JUN 2019

Segundo Bercetche bio © Palmera Museo & A. Serantes

Segundo Bercetche, musician and film maker, has released five albums as a song-writer under the name of Siro Bercetche. Furthermore he is a member of Lujo Asiatico, a trio that makes "electronic music" but without machines or computers: only using a drum set, synthesizers, and samplers. Lujo Asiático toured through Japan in October and November of 2017, returning with the vinyl edition of their first album.

Segundo Bercetche started to make video clips for himself and ended up doing more than 20 music videos for local and international artists. Working on the documentary "Buenos Aires Rap" (2014) has awoken his love for documentary filmmaking. Segundo Bercetche also filmed "No va llegar" (2017), a horse-movie, starring the bandoneonist Tomi Lebrero showing his epic journey by horse across Argentina. Nowadays Bercetche is filming with Diane Ghogomu "Buenos Aires Black", a documentary that tries to answer what it means to be black in a city that has been trained to bury its own blackness. Bercetche is also working with Carla Sanguineti on an auto-observational documentary of a Buenos Aires's musician fighting against political, economical, industrial and emotional crisis, as he tries to understand the relationship between art, work and of course, the internet.