Thó Simões
MAY - JUL 2020

Thó Simões bio © Teu Caqui

THÓ SIMÕES, visual artist, was born 1973 in Malanje, Angola.

He did his art education at the National Institute of Art and Culture (INFAC) in Luanda / Angola and is a graffiti artist working in various art disciplines, including painting, spraying, photography, film, installations and performances. Thó combines in his work the symbolism of old African traditions with the graffiti language from the streets of São Paulo and with this he creates his vision on life in African inner cities. In his own country Thó belongs to the national top and is one of the key artists in the international Leba Murals project in which 6000 m2 of murals are realized in the provinces of Namibe and Huila. He has participated since 2001 in many solo and group exhibitions in various countries, including Angola, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands.