Ventura Profana

Ventura Profana bio © Ge Viana

Daughter of the mysterious viscera of mother Bahia, where arteries of spirited waters sustained in faith are abundant. Ventura Profana prophesizes multiplication and abundancy of Black, indigenous, and transvestite life. The mist is pierced: erotic, atomic, she makes red a religion. Indoctrinated in baptist temples, she is a missionary pastor, evangelist singer, writer, composer, and visual artist, whose practice is rooted in the research of the implications and methodologies of Deuteuronomism in Brazil and abroad, through the diffusion of neo-pentecostal churches. The oil of daisies, boa snakes, and queen snakes flows powerfully through the crevices until they flood her in desire: anointment. She praises, like the stab of a dagger wetted with wax and rust in Pharisean hearts.