À mesa: Hanging (detail) | Aya Ben RonÀ mesa: Hanging (detail) | Aya Ben Ron

At the table


Saturday, 5th Dezember 2015.
Sesc Consolação

3 pm
The narration of the bones: The body as a mnemonic device Dialogue with: Clara Ianni & Luiz Fontes

4:15 pm
The 2006 Disability Act and the 2010 Anti-Inclusion Manifesto - How the right to imperfection is challenging society Dialogue with: Marta Almeida Gil & Estela Lapponi

5:30 pm
Deep Brain Stimulation I: Neural prostheses for Parkinson’s disease Dialogue with: Victor Rosetto Barboza & Erich Fonoff

6:30 pm
Deep Brain Stimulation II: Neural prostheses for depression Dialogue with: Christian Dunker & Erich Fonoff

7:30 pm
Shamanism as a Technology of the Body: How to approach virtual worlds, information, and inter-species relationships Dialogue with: Fabiane M. Borges & Laymert Garcia dos Santos

8:45 pm
Current speculations and anticipations on a future body Dialogue with: Laerte Coutinho & Amara Moira & Jean Wyllys

Every dialogue is followed by a 20 minute discussion with the following hecklers and guests: Max Hinderer Jorge Cruz, Lakshmi Lobato, Rodrigo Maltez Novaes, Benjamin Serroussi, Marcia Tiburi and Rita Wu.