Laymert Garcia dos Santos



À mesa: Hanging (detail) | Aya Ben Ron

From your point of view, what are the main questions and issues of the Global South?

In my understanding, the main issue of the Global South has to do with exploring art production outside of the axis of the West (Europe and United States) from two perspectives: that of its intrinsic diversity and of its difference with that which Art History consecrated as art.

Where are the gaps in the South-South dialog?

The main gap in the South-South dialog is the actual exchange of ideas in the field of art production itself, and not only in the field of curatorship or in aesthetic thought.

How did the episode "At the table," in which you participated, relate to these gaps and questions?

The episode "At the table" tried to map the issue mixing professionals with different background and experiences. The debate was productive and needs to be intensified. In any case, it is necessary to emphasize the unique character of the Episodes of the South project, whose relevance and urgency are clear.

Laymert Garcia dos Santos, Professor at Unicamp, he was the Director of São Paulo’s Biennial Foundation (2009-2010). He is active primarily in the following disciplines: biotechnology, technology and contemporary art. He currently coordinates the Laboratory of Culture and Network Technology.