Panel Discussions VR:RV - Panel Discussions at MUTEK_IMG Day 1

VRRV © Goethe-Institut

Mi, 11.04.2018

13:30 – 17:00

Phi Centre


Documenting the Digital Society: VR Reflects on Itself

This panel brings together the leading thinkers and journalists of the VR:RV project to discuss their research on the deep web, artificial intelligence, big data and brain computer interfaces. They are joined by a VR creator from their respective teams to offer insights into how their real-world journalism translated into virtual worlds during the VR:RV workshops.

Paul Feigelfeld (DE)
Liam Maloney (CA)
Christiane Miethge (DE)
Tess Takahashi (CA)

Moderator: Samara Chadwick (CA)

Free, RSVP required. 

VR:RV - Visualising the Invisible: VR Encounters in Non-Fiction
15:30 - 17:00

At the intersection of journalism and VR, the concepts Image and Truth are imbued with new perceptive qualities. When Virtual meets Reality, the space is fraught with questions of representation, manipulation, complicity and consent, on both sides of the technological lens. This panel of journalists and VR experts convenes to discuss the frontlines of their work and exposes some of the cracks in our 360 degrees of enthusiasm. Questions posed include: How will today’s and tomorrow’s technologies allow us to witness that would otherwise be invisible? How can these new immersive spaces invite us to explore the frontiers of journalism, science, education? What are the implications of VR as voyeurism, as witness to trauma and conflict: what can we expose and what should we ultimately leave to the imagination?


Christiane Miethge (DE)
Liam Maloney (CA)
Sönke Kirchhof (DE)

Moderator: Annina Zwettler (Arte Germany)

Free, RSVP required. 

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