Panel Diskussionen VR:RV - Diskussionen auf der MUTEK_IMG, Tag 2

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Do, 12.04.2018

09:00 – 12:30

Phi Centre


(Anti) Manifesto, Part 2: Where are we now ?
9:00 - 11:00

What happens when reality and virtual reality intersect? Beyond games, sci-fi and straight up science, how do we code VR in the non-fiction spaces of art? journalism? documentary? What does VR really mean for these realities? What are the limitations and ethics of that code? What does it mean to ‘construct’ reality? To engineer emotions? 18 months after the original (Anti) Manifesto presented during MUTEK_IMG and Doc Circuit Montréal in November 2016: we convene again to read the metrics and assess our progress. Leading designers, creators, theorists and researchers converge in Montreal for a morning of intense debate. In response to the statements made in November 2016, each will bring specific arguments, backed by case studies, images, and data, touching on issues of representation, neuroscience, politics, and power. Participants will attempt to dismantle a series of common assumptions about creating in VR and to inspire new ways of thinking about the medium.

Myriam Achard - Phi Centre
Liam Young - Tomorrow's Thoughts Today
Sandra Rodriguez - EyeSteelFilm_Creative Reality
Louis-Richard Tremblay - National Film Board of Canada
Annina Zwettler - ARTE Germany

Moderator: Ana Serrano - Canadian Film Centre

Tickets are free, but RSVP required. Please get your ticket HERE.

Stories We Sell

"Story and narrative are the code for humanity's operating system". We are the stories we tell ourselves. And yet, the stories that frame our identities have largely been told by a select few. This panel examines perspective in VR and which codes are embedded in the way these stories are told. A constellation of all star artists and VR creators from diverse and backgrounds address the question of who creates content and who and how we intake content in the era of empathy VR. Together, they argue that, by breaking open the codes of how we understand story, we can expand the potential of VR to bear witness, to establish a common language, and to reinterpret our present-day humanity. (quote: Kamal Sinclair,

Tess Takahashi - Camera Obscura Journal
Nyla Innuksuk - Mixtape VR
Tali Goldstein - Milieux Institute, Casa Rara
Vladimir Ilic - VRHUMAN / VRNerds

Moderator: Ana Serrano - Canadian Film Centre

Free, but rsvp required. Please get your ticket HERE.

Both panels presented in association with VR:RV - A German-Canadian Exchange in Virtual Reality by the Goethe-Institut.​

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