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Under "Focus", we convey the main topics of our work through various formats and perspectives. We wish you an interesting read and look forward to your comments.


FocusPhoto: Pixabay via Creative Commons, CC0


Posthumanism© Stefanie Sixt

At the threshold to a new era

The dossier about the era of Posthumanism addresses the ethical, social and political issues associated with it, as well as ways of dealing creatively with them.


Wohnen quer© Goethe-Institut
How do we want to live? In view of skyrocketing rents and property prices in cities worldwide, this is not so easy to answer. Ideas from the past, present and for the future help with solutions.

Feminism today

Dossier Feminismus© Photo: Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash
What are the vital issues that women and feminists in Canada and Germany today consider to be of burning importance, what are they concerned about? And what else is there still to do? This is a showcase of people who are involved in the field of culture and who are dealing with the currently most pressing feminist issues and debates.

German Music in Review: 2017


Fokus Musik© Michael Gaida/Pixabay
2017 was a politically charged year - in Germany, in Europe and in the world. Whether and how this has also been reflected in the German music scene, you can find out in our new Focus “German Music In Review: 2017”.

Tribute to Raimund Hoghe


La Valse© Rosa-Frank.com
One of the most unusual choreographers of our time was our guest in Montreal in April 2018. Read more about this exceptional artist on our focus page.

Flight, refuge and migration

Refugees Photo: Freedom House / Flickr via Creative Commons, CC0
How do refugees contribute to the society of their arrival country? What are the reciprocal influences? How can the arrival be shaped differently?

No other subject has been as controversially discussed nor polarized as much. So far the discussions have been about refugees as a homogenous group though, and their situation has been generalized. This dossier is trying to add a micro-perspective.

Underground, today

Underground, today Photo: Anders Jensen-Urstad via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3,0
„Underground“ - what does this word, with its air of revolt against the establishment, still signify? What does it evoke, today? And what can Underground achieve today?

Does it always arise out of disagreement or rather does it reflect a parallel “praxis” that is not necessarily seeking confrontation? A practice operating discreetly and on the fringes of official networks, searching for neither recognition nor longevity… This collection aims to provide elements of a response by examining a range of cultural domains from here and from Germany.

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Magazine Foto: Porapak Apichodilok / Pexel


Each country has its characteristics, history and culture, and these are strongly reflected in our work. The goal of our online activities is not limited to informing you about Germany; we also seek to engage in a dialogue with the people of Canada and to promote genuine encounters through a multimedia and interactive platform.

Service Foto: Kate Trysh / Pexels, via Creative Commons, CC0


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