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A Conversation With Diodora Bucur From The European Union Delegation to Canada
From all corners of Europe

European Union Film Festival
© Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

On the occasion of the European Union Short Film Festival, which takes place online from May 14-21, 2020, we had the opportunity to talk to Diodora Bucur, press officer of the EU delegation in Canada, about background and current developments of the festival.

By Katja Breidenbach

EUSFF © EUSFF This year's 7th edition of the festival, which is dedicated to promoting European film art in Canada, presents 22 exciting short films from all corners of Europe - and, given the circumstances, it will of course take place online. 

The European Union Short Film Festival is a cooperative project run by the Canadian Film Institute, the European Union Delegation in Canada and the embassies and cultural institutions of the participating EU countries.

like a tour of Europe

What are the origins of the cooperation with the Canadian Film Institute and what have been the greatest joint successes during the last years?
Our cooperation with the Canadian Film Institute goes back decades, more precisely back to 1984 when the well-known feature-length European Union Film Festival was set up. It has been a widely successful and reliable partnership over the years, one that has also grown into a close friendship. Seven years ago, we added the EU Short Film Festival and we are constantly thinking of new and fresh ideas about how best to present European cinema in Canada. This first online edition of the EU Short Film Festival has certainly added a new digital dimension to our partnership, something that hopefully we will continue to explore in the future.
What feedback from visitors do you receive: What makes European film art interesting for Canadians? 

Diodora Bucur Diodora Bucur | © copyright control We are certainly grateful to count on the support of a growing number of European film fans in Canada, to get their feedback and to stay connected. I think they really enjoy the wide collection of film genres – ranging from history dramas and romance to comedies and animation, the intensity of emotions, the different points of view, as well as the filmmakers’ originality and, sometimes, unexpected approaches to addressing a subject. Fans also appreciate the rich film heritage and cultural diversity from across the European Union, and the opportunity to watch films in so many different languages; all films are presented in the original language – it truly feels like a tour of Europe. 
Which highlights await visitors to this year's online edition of the festival?

For the first time, we are holding this festival online, so obviously we will experience it in a brand new format from home. Also, this year’s collection of 22 short films offers a wide variety of film genres. The festival contains short drama, both comic and tragic, as well as a number of impressive animated films. The Festival is organized into three themed programs: All You Need Is Love, films that deal with various aspects of love; Well, Adjusted, films that explore the many changes life throws at us; Time Being Time Passing, films that examine the many ways in which time affects our lives.