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New & Future Social SpacesIllustration: © Thomas van Ryzewyk

New & Future Social Spaces

For a year, online platforms have become venues for all aspects of social life. Clubs, cafes and offices were closed and apartments were transformed into multifunctional event spaces. We've tried to make a city out of our living rooms. But what happens when the world reopens - will public spaces from before the pandemic be the same? Which parts from the newly created online existence will remain and which new physical –or hybrid– environments will be created? 


THF Radio x Goethe-Institut Toronto

THF Radio and the Goethe-Institut Toronto are pleased to present a panel of DJs, party organizers, researchers and activists to talk about the new social spaces that have been made during the Pandemic and what the future of nightlife looks like once we’re allowed to gather again with strangers. 

With Sarah Farina (Rec:Room, Transmission.org), Lutz Leichsenring (Clubcommision, Creative Footprint), Andreina Seijas J. (Night Tank), Brad and Ceréna (Club Quarantine).