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Elle Flanders

Portrait of Elle Flanders © Elle Flanders Elle Flanders is an artist, filmmaker, scholar, and educator. She completed her PhD at York University’s newly created practice-based research visual arts program in 2014 and has mentored with some of the art world’s most notable artists, including Mary Kelly and Martha Rosler, at the Whitney ISP and Rutgers University, respectively.

Flanders has a strong history of community engagement, and has worked with queer activist organizations such as Take Back the Night, Queer Nation, and QUAIA (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid). In addition to creating award-winning films and installations, she has served as executive director of the Inside Out LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Toronto.

Her longstanding interest in the socio-political realm and how it relates to landscape have led her, in collaboration with Tamira Sawatzky, to produce site-specific public art installations that are immersive and re-examine the role of audience as participant/witness.