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Michel Esselbrügge

lives and works in Leipzig.

His first book Langfinger & Wackelzahn was published by Rotopol Press.

At the moment he is working on his webcomic Link in Bio.

Michel Esselbrügge © Michel Esselbrügge
Michel Esselbrügge - Versöhnung© Michel Esselbrügge

„Es geht darum verzeihen zu können.”

Can you tell us about what you wanted to convey with this piece of artwork? What were some inspirations or ideas you wanted to consider when you were creating it?

I have decided to use a short sequence of images without dialogues. There is a fight between two characters, which ends in a kiss. This scenario could be applied to conflicts in a relationship. It is about being able to forgive and not having to hold a grudge forever and to give the other person a new chance.

Why is reconciliation as a theme important to you?
I think reconciliation is an important tool to solve or at least ease conflicts, both politically and privately.
What was the creative process like in creating this artwork? (Do you map it out in a plan beforehand, do you work on text first and then illustration or vice versa? You can also talk about the medium or methods you use in creating the work.)
I had a lot of ideas and as a result I started drawing loose storyboards with dialogues, but none of them satisfied me. I thought too much in terms of a concrete story. In between, I simply had been drawing with markers at hand and that's how this sequence of pictures came about, whose openness I liked. To give the drawing an additional structure I added a grid with Photoshop.

To Learn More About Michel's Work

you can follow him on Instagram or visit his website Link in Bio.