Germany @ Canada 2017
Collaborating with Cosima von Bonin

Cologne-based artist Cosima von Bonin, who has a her first Canadian solo exhibition in Canada, a collaboratin between Oakville Galleries and the Goethe-Institut Toronto, has long collaborated with German and Canadian artists and performers. We asked German-born and Toronto-based artist produzentin what makes working with von Bonin special:

  • Cosima von Bonin, Of Ducks & Chicks Photo: Miro Kuzmanovic
    “That was the debut of the seashell hat, a special edition by Cosima. The hat is still covered in the photo because I thought it would be a huge surprise when I remove the cloth. The dress I’m wearing is a Mary Messhausen in a specially designed manatee and nail polish print by Oliver Husain. This picture is practically out of the family photo album.”

    The Fatigue Empire, 2010
    Kunsthaus Bregenz, l: produzentin, r: Cosima von Bonin
  • Cosima von Bonin, Hippies Use Side Door Photo: Oliver Heise
    “Everyone always says how cute the little chicks are, but no one talks about how evil they can actually be. In the photo you see quite clearly how Mary Messhausen, Doc Nancy and I are being tormented from behind by the evil chicks. The motto at our Hotnuts Party on March 25 in Toronto is WTD – What the Duck. We are thrilled that Cosima is bringing some new WTD chicks to Toronto especially for the occasion. They’ll land on stage on Saturday evening at Hotnuts. I hope the WTD chicks won’t be so mean to us this time!”

    Hippies Use Side Door. The year 2014 has lost the plot
    mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna
  • Cosima von Bonin, Roisin Murphy Photo courtesy of the artist Produzentin
    “In 2015, Roisin Murphy released a new album for the first time in years called Hairless Toys. I ordered the album as a signed vinyl LP and sent a photo of the signed cover to Cosima because we’re both fans of Roisin. I still don’t know why I’m not wearing nail polish on the original photo. That was naïve of me. The minute I sent off the photo, I thought to myself, ‘Uh-oh, who knows what’ll happen to it.’ Shortly after that, Cosima was a guest on a German TV show that Roisin Murphy was invited to perform on. And Cosima took the opportunity to have the photograph of a signed cover signed.”