Germany @ Canada 2017
Interview with Holger Böckner: "The Poutine Kitchen"

Holger Böckner is the founder of The Poutine Kitchen, a German start-up with a mission to bring the iconic Canadian food to Berlin.
As part of Germany @ Canada 2017, we are interested in exploring the German-Canadian friendship and the ways the countries influence each other – even food-wise.
Food is something that brings people together; it can be "an ambassador for a country," and Holger was interested in learning more about Canada through its dishes. What he found was a tasty meal and the opportunity to bridge cultures. His desire to introduce it to Germans led him to create The Poutine Kitchen.
Learn more about Holger, The Poutine Kitchen and why proper cheese curds are the key to a good poutine in this interview with the Goethe-Institut Toronto.