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German film is a programme focus for the Goethe-Institut Canada. On this page we provide you with an overview of current events, online offerings, the various film series, reviews of highlights of the programme work and other information about German film.

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Shoah © Claude Lanzmann


by Claude Lanzmann

France 1985, 556 min.
Original version with French subtitles. 

In January 2020, the Goethe-Institut Montreal showed the film "Shoah" by Claude Lanzmann in its entire length of about 9 hours in three parts in cooperation with the Cinématèque Québécoise. Each screening was preceded by an introduction by an expert. These texts are now available.

Claude Lanzmann made his monumental documentary Shoah, on the systematic extermination of Jews in Europe by the German Reich, without using any archive material. For eleven years, the filmmaker filmed former sites of mass murder and tirelessly identified and questioned survivors, witnesses and former perpetrators. The result is a 9.5-hour film that wrote film history – and counts as one of the most important films ever made.


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