Concepts and Materials

Kinderuni © Goethe-Institut

The Children’s Online University

The free educational project for children aged 8 to 12. By exploring different areas of knowledge, students become familiar with the German language in a playful way.

German for work or studies

Teaching and learning material from the areas of business, tourism, technology, and social and medical occupations.

German for children

Courses for GFL learners aged 4-10 and for those wishing to support children in their GFL learning in a way that is fun and in line with the latest methodological and didactical findings.

German for young people

Young people have a very specific way of learning which differs in many respects from the way in which adults and children learn.

Zeitgeister Spiel © Goethe-Institut Montreal


Games can be used to practice various skills in a varied way in DaF lessons. This is why teachers like to use them again and again. Games are more fun for the learners than other types of exercises for applying and consolidating what they have learned in the foreign language. In addition, they also promote interdisciplinary skills such as communication and teamwork. In German.

Karrierebus © Kids Interactive

Education in Germany

The Karrierebus invites teens and young adults to learn about different educational paths in Germany. They learn about the special features of the German dual apprenticeship system, accompany students in their everyday university life and discover groundbreaking inventions from research centers in Germany.

Paschtopia © Sensvector, Goethe-Institut

Virtual game

PASCHtopia is a virtual game for German learners in Canada that gives them the opportunity to practice German and develop ideas for a better world together.

Further materials

Didaktisierungen zum Herunterladen

Enrich your German lessons with compelling stories of German immigration.