German storytelling hour for children

Ludwig the literary Lion
Ludwig the literary Lion | © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Goethe-Institut Montreal

Read by Michael G. Metzen

The German storytelling hour aims to be a meeting for children aged 3 to 5. Starting at 3:00 pm, reading is the guest of honor: stories and fairy tales from our library will amaze your little loved ones. Arts & crafts will follow the reading.

There is a limit of 14 children per reading.
Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

This event is meant for German families as well as for families who would like to introduce German to their children.

Let us tell you a story!

Michael Metzen

Michael Metzen
Michael Metzen |
My name is Michael Metzen and since December 2011 I am employed here in Montreal as a neuroscientist at McGill. My wife Anne followed me to Canada in 2013. Anne works as a German teacher at the Goethe-Institut. Since 2016 we have a daughter, Luna, with whom we read a lot. She likes it best when she hears a bedtime story before falling asleep. It's often the case that she wants the same book read to her over and over again, and after a few days she takes the helm to "read" the story to us. During our storytelling hours Anne and I noticed that Luna understands the content better and remembers connections more easily when we tell the story vividly. I would like to pass on these experiences to the young and less young listeners during the storytelling hour at the Goethe-Institut Montreal. I am looking forward to seeing you!


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Language: German
Price: Free admittance - RSVP required

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