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Rendez-Vous à L'Espace La Fontaine

Le Monde diplomatique, the preeminent monthly magazine of international politics, its published around the world in 20 languages. Since 2005, the German edition of the magazine has featured a comic strip on the back cover, the only edition of Le Monde diplomatique that includes this unique content. Famed cartoonists have contributed their talents to this page over the years, taking up the combined chalenges of working in an over-sized format while also making the most of their limited narrative space. Unpredictable, melancholic, and often absurd, these strips present a one-fo-a-kind look at politics, culture, and everyday life. The publisher Reprodukt has thus far published three large-format anthologies reprinting these pages.

In this exhibition, you will encounter the work of the stars of the German alternative comics scene, such as ATAK, Anke Feuchtenberger, and Henning Wagenbreth, as well as well-known illustrators such as Nadia Budde and the veteran draftsman Volker Pfüller. Young talents such as Anna Haifisch and Robert Deutsch and famed artists such as Barbara Yelin and Jim Avignon also have work on display.


Rendez-Vous à L'Espace La Fontaine

Parc Lafontaine

Price: Free admission
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